2014 June Update
Posted by Philip Drew - Webmaster on September 14 2015 08:19:02
Five of us from Dublin were privileged to be at the camp site in Romania on the May bank holiday this year.
We were with 50 workers, families and the Bethesda children and young people from Galati, their home city This was an opening up time and ‘recci’ of all the buildings and site so work can be assessed and then carried out before the summer camps start. The winter damage due to the snow was attended to and the leaves swept and the fruit trees whitewashed on the bottom of the trunks for their protection from insect invasion in the fruit bearing time. All the paths had to be cleared and tidied and equipment inspected.
The project this summer is to remove the original small hut which is rotting and build a better house for accommodation as so many workers now have young families and the sleeping places away from the main house need to equipped with sanitation.
It was great to see the children as they grow and the works babies newly born. We each saw our sponsored children and mine personally are growing up fast. My lad is now 20 and still working hard to get through school. He loves God and is they say the hardest worker taking every opportunity to help with any jobs needed. It was great seeing the wonderful family love between all these unrelated children.
The young peoples’ group at the church in Galati has grown and it was great to see so many in the services. One of the new visitors was struck by the awful poverty he saw and was delighted to see such love and hard work of the team helping the local people as well as the residential children in the homes.
This is God’s work indeed and His love is evident everywhere.    
At Bethesda Ireland (registered Irish charity representing support for the charity in Romania ) we seek to support in anyway we can – supplying material and financial need and contact encouragement as we can. If you would like any more information please contact us at info@bethesda-romania.com and we will help in any way we can.