2009 - October Update
Posted by Philip Drew - Webmaster on October 05 2009 16:59:51

The camp site was improved and further facilities have been developed.  Among them , swimming pools. An ‘under 5’play area which is fenced off from the main hustle and bustle of the older children. The outside and inside kitchens have been renovated.  An area has been designated for caravans and now 3 caravans are in situ on site, giving extra accommodation. (These have been gifts from at home and abroad).  The new edge of the property, which has come about by the acquisition of extra land this last year has been made safe and the boundary secure on the river side.

Camps have been held all summer for different groups of children and adults and the site was rented to other church and social groups too. A great time was had by all who attended and God’s presence was really felt and He was at work in changing lives and opening hearts so hurts can heal. Many of these damaged youngsters need time to begin to trust again and open up to trusted adults who can help them work through their problems and painful history.

Girls home  now has 10 children, one has left and 2 have come. It takes time to settle in so we should remember before God these new girls. One girl was allowed home by the state body and there are reservations in workers minds as to how she will fare.

Boys house  - again there has been some movement in population.  Twin boys who have been working on relationships with their father have now gone to him but keep in touch. A new one has come who was thrown out of home as the family would not tolerate him having a faith in God. One of the boys has a brain cyst and is due for surgery but has now been waiting a good while.  It is proposed that the surgery will be a laser one under a local anaesthetic.

School  - results have been good this year. Several of the children – 19/20 year olds have passed their exams at the end of high school and have been accepted into universities to study various courses from Social Work to Sport. This is a great achievement as these children arrive at Bethesda with little or no schooling behind them because of their situations.  Of course this stretches the purse of Bethesda especially in these difficult times. However God has faithfully been providing for their needs as they have come along but we seek to be willing to serve in this way as much as we can. We have our yearly fundraiser next month in Dublin.

New Projects -As we mentioned in the earlier report this year, the large house which originally used to house 35 street boys is having a change of use. It is being currently used for the refuge of abused mums and their children. And the mission work is being organised from there and the prayer and vision rooms are in use by various church groups and committees. The farm has had to be discontinued and the workers have responded to a need for housing by original boys returning from abroad, to give the option of a plot of land on which to build themselves a house. This has been welcomed by the five young men so far allocated and the various commitments to time of building etc will focus the men’s minds on work and saving and their salaries, to build something which to most young men is a dream –a home to which they can bring a bride.

Staff – the staff have had to be reduced in number in an effort to cut costs but of the 16 (half the previous total) that remain, all are committed to putting the children’s needs before their own needs and their salaries. The atmosphere among the staff is fantastic and all are so dedicated to their work. Please pray on and give where possible to the work so it can be maintained. Children still need to be housed and fed and educated and these Romanian workers and staff are so committed. Remember that all gifts and donations are sent in their entirety to the work and used for it.  In Ireland we take no administrative money or draw salaries. Even our flights are paid by ourselves when we visit.  So you can be assured, that, as you give, the work is genuinely being helped

May God bless you as you think on these things.