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Why Bethesda Exists ?
Street Children

These are homeless youngsters whose parents cannot provide for them and many have left home to ease the financial burden on their families. Others have no one to care for them or have been abused and neglected. They live in derelict property, on the streets or underground in the city's large sewers and culverts (see the photo above).

Regular meeting points have been established to see the children. They are given the opportunity to go daily to the Day Care Centre. Sometimes they are brought out to a park or playground outside the city, where they play games, can be given a hot meal and are taught about Jesus and God's love for them.

The time spent with these children by workers is generally the only friendly contact they experience.

Poor Families

The Bethesda Foundation workers also care for and help many of the poor families of Galati . Some live in shacks beside the local tip (as shown above), others in inadequate housing in the city. Many are so poor that they cannot afford to feed their own children.

Bethesda Workers encourage the parents to send the children to the Day Care Centre so that they can be properly fed with a hot meal, bathed and given a change of clothes. When they visit the most vulnerable families they take bread, water and basic provisions etc.

Provided the children are not being mistreated, the Bethesda Foundation strongly encourage the parent(s) to keep the children within their home environment and that the Day Care Centre be used for support of the family.

Many of the families do not qualify for the local Council subsistence allowance, as they do not have either a recognised address or proper identification papers. The Bethesda Foundation workers also assists people with these difficult procedures.

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