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2009 October to December 2009

In October we had our annual Fundraiser in North West Dublin. It was an evening devoted to relaxation fun and fundraising.

We had a party like atmosphere with a sale, auction, competitions, fun and refreshments. We were a little disappointed with the number as they were low due to sickness which was riddling the area at the time. However the resultant funds were good and we were able to send money over for the Christmas activities in Galati.

A charity event at a regional golf club brought good results and paid for 3 of the young people to start university, 2 away from home and 2 in the locality.

A visit to Romania in November gave us many more insights into the work, background of children and the workers dedication. It was a thrill to see the day to day running and the challenges that face the workers there and how they are tackled. It was also good to have a better knowledge of the workers and their daily challenges, dreams and aspiration and the sacrifices they make for the work.

From all there there was an overwhelming thankfulness to God for everything they have seen and received from the Lord over the last year.

Good news is that Alin (20 year old) awaiting brain surgery for a cyst has had half his operation with great success and is now able to move his right side without shaking and is back to his studies again in what we hope will be his last year if he passes his exams. The other half od the cyst will be removed in 2 years time.

Thank you again for your support of The Bethesda Foundation as you realise now Prayer and support for them is as important as financial gifts.

May God bless you richly in 2010.

Use the email address on the web site for contact even if you are not living in the Republic of Ireland

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