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About The Bethesda Foundation
The Bethesda Foundation is a Christian organisation, which originated and is now committed to help the poor and unwanted children of the city of Galati (pronounced Galats) in Eastern Romania.

The city has a population of approximately 400,000 people, and its main industry is the steel works, which overshadows and pollutes it's atmosphere. There are about 200 children living on the streets as well as many more living in poverty and starvation in poor accomodation at home with their families.

In the early days of the Foundation (about 10 years ago), the street children were contacted, fed and clothed on the streets, but later some shelter was offered. Now the Foundation has expanded tremendously to provide day care, hostel residential care and holidays for the children. Employment and training are also arranged for the young people. In 2004 there is to be provision of half-way accomodation for those leaving the hostels, moving towards independant living. This will be in the old girls' flat after refurbishment, as they have moved to their new house.

This charity is run by two Romanian husband and wife teams and employs approximately a further 25 full and part-time workers (social and care workers, and a number of ancillary workers) to run the Bethesda Foundation's Hostels and Day Care Centre.

Apart from a yearly government grant of about /$ 5,000, the charity is funded by donations from people who are touched by, and want to encourage the work done for the children. The present yearly running costs are approximately /$ 100,000. The main expenses are labour and food.

The Bethesda Foundation is registered with the local Romanian Department of Child Protection.

This website has been set up by supporters of the Bethesda Foundation in The British Isles to inform and encourage support for the work.

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